Janiece Evans, The woman Behind
Swift Travel Deals

Janiece Evans is a woman with important and many responsibilities. She makes sure family comes first. She is the Chief Operating Officer for Swift Travel Deals. A multi million dollar company that caters to high profile clients. She has made positive changes that increased revenue for Swift Travel Deals. She does not give in to pressure. She focuses on being a problem solver.

WEmag had the opportunity to get to know Janiece Evans and we appreciate her taking time to answer our questions.

 What in the one experience in your life that made an impact in shaping you to be the woman you are today?

– There was not just one experience. There were many experiences that shaped me to be the woman I am today. To choose one of the most life changing experience would be becoming a mother. Pushing to go hard to be an example for my kids. Even in my darkest moments I had to focus on being there mentally and physically for them. I knew they were watching me and that would set the tone for the rest of their life.

What are your core values you live by to help you achieve your goals?

– Always keep God first

– Family

– Continually working on self-improvement

– Remembering to give back

How did you stay strong when caring for your disabled child and husband who was in a major accident?

– Lots of prayer and my support system. Also knowing that its okay to not be ok. Understanding that having a moment for myself was not a bad thing. Its so easy to forget to take care of yourself when you are busy taking care of your love ones.

What did you do to stay focus in order to accomplish your personal goals while being head of the house hold?

– Continuing to push myself beyond my limits no matter what has happened or is happening now. Knowing that my goals will not get accomplished by doing absolutely nothing.

How did you become the Chief Operating Officer for Swift Travel Deals?

– Honestly thought of being COO was not my focus. I was focused on working hard at my current position with the company. God had other plans for my life which landed me in this position.

What did you to do to prepare for the position?

– I prepared by learning many different aspects of the business and working hard at any task that I was given.

How do you encourage women to never give up no matter what challenges they face?

– In those moments of being overwhelmed its ok to take a step back to clear your mind. Instead of giving up focus on your “why”. Also take your time and that it’s not a race. No matter what you see on the outside everyone is fighting some type of battle.



Interview by
Claire Guerre