Insiders guide to how to dress for a date

Getting dressed everyday is hard enough! Now throw in trying to look and feel sexy for a date. The pressure is on… Does this top show to much cleavage? Is this outfit sexy enough for a date? Should I wear those sexy shoes, that absolutely kill my feet?  And the questions go on…

You are probably nervous enough as it is, you really don’t need the pressure of finding the perfect outfit on top of that, now do you? I am going to try and make this easy for you.

A good place to start is by finding out the location or activity of the date. Relax….every place has a large range of what is appropriate, so as long as you stay within that range, you are doing fine. For instance, if you are going to play miniature golf, stilettos would be inappropriate (and you may ruin them too).

Now for drinks or dinner –  This would be in the evening, hence upping the level of your look. you wouldn’t want to be too casual or sloppy, yet a cocktail dress would be overkill. Most anything in between will  probably work. Now that you have the appropriate range narrowed down, what makes you feel fabulous? What do you love to wear?  A cute outfit with *jeans could be appropriate. Dress it up with a dressy and/or sexy top, heels, a dressy piece of jewelry or a smaller more evening bag. You can also have fun with skirts or dresses here depending on your style. But mostly wear what you feel good in. Some ladies are pants ladies and some prefer dresses and skirts. So think about if one is more your thing over the other than go for that, it is your choice here.

TIP: Dark wash jeans are dressier.

Have a coffee date? Coffee is probably in the day and a bit more casual than most evening dates. Jeans are very appropriate, just wear a cute little top with it or a fun piece of jewelry. Just make sure you look like you put some thought into it and not your ratty old jeans with casual un-thoughtful other pieces. Or maybe you prefer dresses. Just make sure that it is a daytime casual dress look, you don’t want to feel overdressed.

If  you are coming from work, transform the business like attire, with a change of shoes, a small evening bag or a great piece of jewelry. And don’t forget about the makeup touch-up. You can go a little bolder than your daytime makeup here. Perhaps,  slip off that blazer or cardigan to reveal a less covered up look. An arm, back or shoulder reveal is great. Remember your date will probably be coming from work too, so there is less expectation of a sexy outfit as compared to a Saturday night date.

Now here are some don’ts.

Of course, you want to look great, but please don’t wear anythingill-fitting or uncomfortable. Those killer heels may look hot, but could really ruin your date. You will not be happy if you are in pain and you will not be a fun date.

No trampy clothes please. When your boobs are the focal point, your date will not be looking or concentrating on what you are saying. Same thing goes for a way to short or way too tight items of clothing.

If your strapless top keeps falling down or your clingy skirt keeps riding up and you are constantly adjusting it, you are going to be too pre-occupied with making sure your clothing is covering everything it should. Make sure you wear something that will enable your focus to be on the date and not worrying about having a wardrobe malfunction. On the flip side, make sure that you put some effort into the look. Don’t come straight from work or the gym without some primping and showing like you care. A lack of effort shows. Don’t be sloppy, with clothes hair or makeup.

Just as every woman is different and has different tastes, so do their dates. But some things that can often be a turn off are trying to be too overtly sexy or wearing too much makeup. This can look cheesy and look like you are trying too hard. Every woman wants to feel sexy on a date. But every woman also has a different definition of what sexy feels like to them. A great guideline to go by is to focus on one area to highlight. If you show your legs than be a little more covered up on top. A low neckline could be your choice, but avoid the obvious like too much cleavage. A little mystery is sexier.

    TIP: Not feeling great about most of your body right now, everyone has sexy shoulders.

Here are 4 tips for a woman to instantly feel sexy.

1) Sexy Lingerie – even if you are the only one who will know you are wearing it.

2) Heels – how high they are is up to you.

3) Lipstick – a bolder color, red is a great choice, if you dare.

4) Perfume – scent is very sensual.

At the end of the day, dress for you and be authentic.  It doesn’t matter how sexy, cute or pretty an outfit is if you personally don’t feel great in it or feel like it represents who you are.


By Diane Pollack