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Woman’s Essence magazine is for and about powerful women all arround the world. About the
Mothers , workers or business women , and about the Wifes. They all fit into one body.
Our mission is to engage, ins-pire and cultiver each soul that reads our magazine by sharing hopes, stories, dreams, etc.
This magazine would not be existing if not by each of our readers support.

We are always looking for Inspiring Women
Do you know a woman that is interesting and
has all the assets to be on the Cover of WEmagazine?
Or are you the one and want to share your story with other women ? Is there a special project or organization you would like us to feature in our magazine?
Let us know!
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Share your special events.
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Share the Hapiest day of your life!
You recently got married and had an unique and special wedding event? If you want to share that with other women for inspiration and the joy of it, send us a short description of the event and yourself and your wedding photos.
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