10 Ways To Practice Self Love During The Month of February

Valentine’s – some like it, some hate it, but everyone knows it’s a reminder of love. February is the month of love and you should love on yourself extra hard because You. Are. Fabulous. (don’t ever forget that).

Self-love is about putting yourself first physically, mentally, and emotionally. When you put yourself first, you realize your self worth. Your confidence begins to increase and self-love starts to flow naturally. Self-love doesn’t mean not loving others, it’s every loving everyone, but especially yourself!

Listed below are ten awesome and simple ways to love yourself during the month of February (and then onwards, of course!)

1) Move your body!!
Get active and move your body. Increasing your heart rate releases seratonin, the ‘happy chemical’. Seratonin makes us feel happier and more receptive to some self-loving. Get your body moving by exercising, walking, or dancing, whatever activity you fancy. Your body will thank you for it and you’ll feel great.

2) Eat something delicious
Whether it’s a small sweet treat or savory meal be sure to savor every bite. Reflect on all the delicious flavors uninterrupted! Every bite will taste better than before. Eating for taste rather than necessity and / or boredom is a great way to put yourself first.

3) Take a hot bath
Drop some bath bombs in your bath water and soak in the tub. If you’re a shower person then take a long hot shower. And don’t forget to turn on some tunes to help set the mood.

4) Do some Yoga or Zumba 
Bust a sweat and have fun doing it. Stuck at home? Try this yoga video or this yoga video or search around YouTube.

5) Meditate
There’s nothing like some quiet time so you can reflect on things. Check out some great mediation tips by going to calm.com and downloading the app. Enjoy!

6) Be spontaneous 
Whether it’s going to the movies solo (surprisingly satisfying!), getting an amazing massage or drinks with friends; doing something spontaneous for yourself is a great way to show yourself you’re putting yourself first. You’re literally treating yourself to some self-love! Boom!

7) Do something fabulous for someone else
You ever heard the saying “it’s better to give than receive” ? I know, it seems so contradictory to shine the light on yourself by doing something for someone else. BUT a really nice, kind action for someone else can make you feel amazing.

8) Take a social media hiatus 
Keep in mind that Twitter, Instagram, Facebook is not always a true depiction of real life. It’s more like a glimpse of a fairy tale because majority of people only post the good things in their life— rarely the struggle. Because of this, social media can make us compare ourselves to the unrealistic and forget that life comes packaged with the good as well as the bad (obstacles, challenges, failure).

So remember if you’re scrolling , keep in mind to not compare (and it might be that the best way to not compare is to just not look!)

9) Make a list of gratitude 
It always helps to visualize things. Make a list of 3 things you’re grateful for in your life. Whether it’s an amazing bestie, skill or talent, possession, etc….showing gratitude allows you to focus on the positive things in your life. This in turn makes you feel better about yourself and brightens up your day.

10) REST!
We often forget that a big component of living our best life and being happy is making sure we get enough rest. Take a day or even a weekend and do absolutely NOTHING; just rest. Rest both your mind and body.

Happy Valentine’s and Happy Self- Care Month!!


Source: shop-saxys.com